West Georgia Golf Cars provides great, reliable rental equipment for all needs.  Our guarantee is to provide useful and reliable equipment at great rates.  We provide rental to Special Event Coordinators, Pro-Sport entities, Private Events, Clubs, Communities, Golf Courses, Schools, Churches, Hotels, Universities, Hospitals and many more.


Vehicle Prices Very Per Event, Please Call Us For Your Quote Today!


Vehicles Availible:


2 Passenger Gas/Electric


2 Passenger Utility                                    


4 Passenger Gas/Electric                         


6 Passenger Gas/Electric


8 Passenger Gas



Security Deposit (Per Car)                                                 $ 200.00


24 Hour Rush FEE                                                              $   50.00


Fuel & Cleaning (Per Car)                                                  $   20.00    


Delivery & Pick-Up FEE (Based On Location)                  $   50.00 Min.


Rental Responsibility:


* Electric Vehicles: Renter Should Charge Vehicle On A Daily Basis To Maximize Functionality, Checking & Maintaining Proper Water Level in Batteries.


*Gas Vehicles: Renter is Responsible for Maintaining Proper Oil Level and Fuel At All Times.


*Any Damages Including Cosmetic/Extensive Damage, Theft, Fire and Liability.


*Rental Agreement Must Be Signed on or Before Delivery.

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